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SIDE is located 75 km from Antalya city and 7 km from Manavgat area. The area is about 1 km long, which is almost a peninsula.

 SIDE means the pomegranate in Anatolia. The feature and information given in some handwritten inscriptions shows that Side history dates back to the time of the Hittites. However, it is said that the Side area is one of the oldest Anatolian towns and its history dates back to the seventh century BC. Throughout history Anatolia Side has similar conditions to other Pamphylia cities. Considering the Greeks' migration to this area, and taking into account the inscriptions they gained, they spoke in the language of Siena in the third century, a language that is still unresolved, one of the languages of India and Europe.

 In the first half of the sixth century BC, the city was dominated by Iranians and developed and later became dominated by Syria, one of the most brilliant periods of which was scientifically cultural in those years.

 The Side area has attractions and There are many historical influences that have transformed the area into a historic tourist destination for historic attractions, including the historic sites of the city, the Saydeh Museum, the old Sayeda Ferry, the ancient Roman baths, the water springs Abundantly, the Aspandos Amphitheater and many other areas.

 In Side area, there are many investments that The touristic attraction has become one of the fantastic areas and has become a popular destination for tourists in the world, which has attracted tourists to the region in terms of both the historic and the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

 Antalya is the most sought after area for tourists.

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